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  • Advocacy and Child participation consultant

    2022-11-01 00:00 - 2022-11-07 00:00

    Location:                 Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

    Duration:                                 Start date:       2022.11.15         End date:         2023.09.22

    Number:                                  1

    Types of contract:                   Individual Consultant

    Reporting arrangement:          Reports to Program Quality Lead

    Performance estimation:        by deliverables on monthly bases

    Expected objectives of this consultant’s assignment are:

    1. 1. Via the advocacy campaign strategy, World Vision seeks to ensure that spaces and opportunities are created for children and youth so that they can meaningfully engage in policy debates and shape programmes and practices that seek to end violence against girls and boys. 
    2. 2. Through “It Takes a World to End Violence against Childre” campaign, World Vision aims to reach more children than our programmes alone can, through advocacy and collaboration for creating  the ground for sustaining achievements beyond the end of the campaign and of World Vision’s operations by embedding the quest to end violence into communities, governments’ and partners’ plans and child-led movements.


    The Consultant will receive in depth guidance by the Regional advocacy lead and WVM program quality lead.

    The Consultant is supposed to perform:

    1. 1. A desk review of the relevant international, regional and national legislative and policy documents, and available publications/reports on violence against children
    2. 2. Regular consultations with the Regional advocacy lead of WVI
    3. 3. Design the ITAW campaign proposal and its logframe with the guidance of East Asia Regional Advocacy lead of WVI and program quality lead of WVM
    4. 4. Organize the children lead campaign under selected themes with wide range of the partners and stakeholders according the proposal
    5. 5. Embedding the campaign to existing technical programs with collaboration of technical program specialists
    6. 6. Campaign branding and communications resources are prepared as per global campaign branding guidelines
    7. 7. Monitor the expected result of the campaign regularly according to the relevant indicators of Advocacy in technical programs
    8. 8. Provide weekly update about campaign results to WVM program quality lead and East Asia regional advocacy lead
    9. 9. Complete the final report of the campaign with high quality and share it to the relevant stakeholders
    10. 10. Follow up the campaign long term impacts on policy change with relevant partners and measure the benefits for most vulnerable children
    11. 11. Provide technical support to the WVM Area programs  on annual data Advocacy Strategic Measurement
    12. 12. Write the child participation annual report with collaboration of relevant technical specialists of WVM

    13. Provide technical support and collaborate to the local funding campaigns regarding the advocacy and child participation in increasing the impact of the local fundraising.

    These include the ability to:

    • Analytical skills
    • Research skills (Apply research methodologies, use of analysis tools, ability to conduct focused questioning)
    • Accurately identifies key legal and factual issues
    • Conduct negotiations in a government environment that result in successful outcomes
    • Ability to make tactical and strategic decisions
    • Sophisticated writing skills and the ability to argue a case based on evidence
    • Ability to deal with stress
    • High level both reading and writing skills in Mongolian and English, including: speed reading, skimming, scanning


    In addition, the consultant is required to have following experiences.

    • Master degree in social work, law, psychology, or other related science
    • More than 3 years of experience in child protection and participation
    • Experience on conducting advocacy campaign with wide range of partners
    • Proven track record on developing similar products, reports and training modules
    • Experience in working with government agencies, INGOs, UN agencies and local NGOs.

    The Consultant will work both from home and at office. The consultant will be supported by the WVM Child Protection specialist and MEAL specialist on measurement of advocacy relevant indicators and as well as on child participation measurement. Further guidelines relating to the methodology are outlined in the section “Expected deliverables”.

    World Vision Mongolia now inviting eligible individuals (Consultants) to indicate their interest in providing the Services. Interested Consultants should provide information demonstrating that they meet the required qualifications and relevant experience to perform the service.

    The detailed Job description can be obtained from the email address procurement_mongolia@wvi.org during office hours Monday-Friday , 8.30 am-5.30 pm.

    The deadline for submission of expression of interest is  7th November 2022 and must be delivered no later that 11.00 am.

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