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  • Another 375 children received their standard toilets

    In 7 years of successful implementation of “School WASH” project in 101 soums of 17 provinces, totally 65,200 children in 105 schools and kindergartens won’t go outside in the cold winter.

    Elsewhere in Mongolia, most of the children can surfing the Internet and using social media channels with smartphones. However, they're still using the outside latrine and run out with and without clothes in the freezing cold weather. Mongolian children are at risk of sickness, embarrassment, injure and even death due to the fact that, comfortable environment to meet basic human needs cannot be developed like "technological development".

    Whereas, it has been already 7 years since the Best Social Responsibility Project named “The Water Sanitation and Hygiene” project which World Vision Mongolia and the first Mobile Phone Operator Mobicom Corporation initiated and jointly implemented, started addressing these issues.

    The uniqueness of this project is been implementing in schools, kindergartens and dormitories of rural soums of Mongolia aiming to providing healthy, safe and child-friendly environment for rural children and the project was inaugurated at a school in Jargaltkhaan soum, Khentii province, and its 375 children received their standard toilets.

    "We understand the importance of this project for the children's health, development, protection and learning environment, and we promise that we will continue this project until all schools and kindergartens in Mongolia have standard water and sanitation facilities." said Hamada Tatsuya, CEO of Mobicom Corporation, during the opening ceremony.

    The school principals and students were very happy to be involved in the project and to have a modern toilet. Representatives of partner organizations and children also enjoyed spending fruitful and fun time together participating in the sport games.

    Another uniqueness of the project is that Governments, NGOs, the private sectors, international organizations, and individuals can work together for the well-being of Mongolian children, and Local communities wishing to get involve in the project should be able to provide approximately 1/3 of the total budget.

    "I can proudly say that this project is one of the best projects which is for well-being of society and implemented jointly by governmental, non-governmental, international organizations, the private sectors and individuals." B.Bolortsetseg, Country Director of World Vision Mongolia, said in her opening remarks.

    According to the Institute of Public Health “School Water Supply and Sanitation Assessment,” as of 2019, there are more than 165,000 children in 390 rural schools which 75% of them has outside latrine, and one-third do not have hand-washing facilities at schools or dormitories.

    Therefore, dear readers and viewers, you may be an important investor in this project who will bring significant changes to the development of your country to keep pace with technological advances through those remaining 100,000 children.

    By Delgermaa Surenjav, Integrated Communications Specialist

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