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  • “Be informed" national campaign – to prevent children from becoming a victim of human trafficking was organized

    “Be Informed” a month-long national campaign was organized from 15th September to 15th October 2023 to raise community awareness, prevent children from becoming a victim of human trafficking and provide information on with protective measures according to the Child Protection Compact Partnership between Mongolia and the United States, which is a jointly developed and jointly implemented four-year plan since 2020.

    What happened around the campaign in one month?

    1.  Information sharing community events at high schools, and universities.

    2. Over 30 different contents were disseminated through social platforms including reels, videos, and articles.

    3. Essay competition among high school students.

    4. For TIP prevention information, QR codes were placed at 340 branches of CU convenience store, 300 wells and 14 dormitories.

    5. MGL Radio delivered a reading of our articles related to human trafficking and phone discussions at repetitive times.

    6. 3 comic books – 3000 were disseminated during community events

    Main results:

    • The campaign reached 4,667,666 people through social platforms and over 3,700 children and youth in person. 
    • For measuring campaign achievement, we have conducted 2 stage surveys (before and after). The initial data collection (First Wave) occurred from August 30th to September 13th, and the subsequent data collection (Second Wave) took place from October 15th to November 2nd. 

    Knowledge level

    The public’s knowledge about labor, sex and human trafficking was average but this has increased continuously from the previous surveys.  

    Table. Level of knowledge, percentage of people who answered that they know.  

    1st wave 

    2nd wave 


    Labor trafficking 




    Sex trafficking 




    Human trafficking 




    The campaign was the first ever national-level awareness raising campaign on the human tracking and child labor issues in Mongolia.

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