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  • Community Engagement Sponsorship Plan Specialist in Sponsorship Department

    2020-08-25 09:00 - 2020-09-08 17:30
    Ulaanbatar, Mongolia


    Ensure key front line staff are competent in fulfilling their community engagement and Sponsorship plan to strengthen community led child wellbeing interventions. Provide technical support to the quality of Community Engagement & Sponsorship Plan (CESP) implementation across all Area programmes (APs) and well informed to all technical programme and continue to strengthen sustainability and ownership. Support the (re)design of Community Engagement & Sponsorship Plan (CESP) as well as monitoring and evaluation for Community Engagement & Sponsorship Plan (CESP). Ensure key lessons learnt from community engagement and sponsorship are documented and used to inform to the National Office (NO) and Area programmes (AP) staffs as well as for the further decision making. Ensure WV international Sponsorship Standards are consistently met or exceeded. Lead and guide Sponsorship 2.0 product development with the engagement of the communities and coordinate with APs and Global Center Sponsorship 2.0 Coordinator. Manage the Child Protection in Digital Safe project implementation in Mongolia. Build front line staff capacity on sponsorship related training including Sponsorship Basis training for DP (SBT for DP), Sponsorship in Programming (SIP) and Working with Volunteers.


    • Follow up AP teams in implementing community engagement and sponsorship processes (all processes in CESP narrative and log frame).
    • Facilitate the implementation of the CESP capacity building– support AP team reflection and refine training curriculum content, materials, translation and processes as needed.
    • Conduct and facilitate Sponsorship basic training for DPA, Micro Project and new approaches to AP staff and volunteers
    • Ensure DPA is well applied in each TP
    • Technical advice and direction to AP staffs on how to develop and implement micro projects and to develop its business process guideline and facilitate the new innovation
    • Follow up APs on implementing and Annual Community Review and Planning (ACRP), including the AP program effectiveness self-review tool
    • Develop CESP implementation guidance and review these regularly based on learning.
    • Review and ensure the quality of community engagement and sponsorship elements in Annual AP Planning processes.
    • Assist CESP Manager to conduct SIP reflection with APs and discuss the role of sponsorship in promoting.
    • Train DFs/POs to facilitate community to develop child selection criteria along with APs and follow up how MVC are included
    • Work closely with APs’ staff to ensure CMS is integrated well as part of child participation voice and community led care& protection
    • Plan and lead the Sponsorship 2.0 project implementations.
    • Provide guidance and support APs to produce the production timely basis
    • Manage field facing issues impacting Sponsorship 2.0 collaboration between participating APs and SOs. This includes highlighting, clarifying the reasons for project delays and/or alerting AP stakeholders of upcoming major project milestones and helping them to plan and prepare for these adequately
    • Develop and contextualize policies, standard and training material. 
    • Manage the Child Protection in Digital Safe project implementation in Mongolia
    • Ensure the content and quality of communication predictions to donors.
    • In consultation with NO/AP Sponsorship, acknowledge queries to appropriate and send quality report to APs within required time
    • As needed identify new and/or develop and support current AP Sponsorship staffs and volunteers on CESP and Sponsorship 2.0 projects. This includes working with relevant NO management, team and staff as needed to enhance their capacity to achieve their product delivery plans  for child and community content
    • Document, coordinate and share lessons learned, promising practices and impact stories relevant to APs
    • Facilitate the trainings on Community Engagement through DPA for NO, APs staffs and volunteers etc.
    • Facilitate the SBT2 for DP training to staffs, partners and stakeholders.
    • Conduct orientation on minimum standards in sponsorship protocols, policies and procedures.
    • Provide technical advice  and direction to field staffs for the content and quality   of Sponsorship 2.0 products
    • Develop in consultation/coordination with CESP manager and region to implement a national strategy that is aligned with Sponsorship 2.0 engagement & production volumes
    • Share best practices of CESP, Micro Project, and Sponsorship 2.0 project between APs and contribute to the center of excellence or community of practice.
    • Carry out or engage task with good judgment and responsibility.
    • Perform additional duties and assignments proactively

    Minimum education, training and experience requirements to qualify for the position:

    • University (bachelor) degree in  Social science and development field
    • 3 years’ experience in community engagement work
    • 3 years’ experience of managing child sponsorship
    • 2 years’ experience in management and leadership
    • Excellent training and capacity building skills; demonstrated by relevant experience
    • Demonstrated knowledge of child sponsorship programming and sponsorship2.0 project

    Qualified applicants are requested to submit the following documents to recruitment_mongolia@wvi.org :

    • Application Form
    • Cover Letter
    • CV
    • Copy of Diploma and ID

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