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  • Donor Acquisition Specialist Consultant

    Location:                                 Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

    Number:                                  1

    Types of contract:                    Individual Consultant

    Reporting arrangement:          Reports to National Resource Development Director

    Deadline:                                 Nov 14, 2022 (5:00PM)

    Performance estimation:         by deliverables on monthly bases

    World Vision’s child sponsorship program focuses on improving the well-being of children in need, especially the most vulnerable. National resource development (NRD) department in World Vision is to facilitate child sponsorship program uniting Mongolian sponsors and children with their families and communities in a shared commitment to improve the lives and futures of most vulnerable children in Mongolia.

    The purpose of the position is to develop and support strategy for donors’ engagement that resulting in diversified increased funds for local sponsorship program and community projects and to implement and manage all marketing-related activities related to individual donors, especially within Mongolia. As a result, children are protected from all forms of violence; families and communities have enhanced resilience and livelihood; communities and partners have enhanced ownership of child well-being.

    2. Purpose and objectives of the consultancy service

    Contributing and committing to the strategic plan, serve and strengthen relationships with individual and corporate donors. More specifically, identifying and implement initiatives to proactively engage and maintain relationships with potential donors is essential.


    1. 1. Develop and maintain effective donor acquisition plan which includes identifying target donors, acquisition channels and developing products to assure annual donor acquisition target is achieved
    2. 2. Identify and implement innovative ideas or initiatives to proactively engage and maintain relationships with potential donors within Mongolia and abroad
    3. 3. Maintain the relationship with new sponsors and donors
    4. 4. Develop concept note, project proposals and business plans to propose to potential donors
    5. 9. Set, manage and monitor an excellent quality standard for business written documents, project proposals and presentations
    6. 10. Manage fundraising tracking system/database and individual donor acquisition marketing products
    1. Develop and manage all necessary documents related to partnerships, such as MoUs, Contracts, etc.
    2. Develop marketing communication such as digital marketing, public campaigns and events
    3. Plan and implement donor acquisition activities/campaigns/events/field visits
    4. Evaluate and monitor results of all marketing efforts/activities/initiatives to ensure continuous improvement of acquisition

    4. Enabling skills

    • - Strong knowledge of communications, mass media and fundraising
    • - Excellent interpersonal, cross-cultural and communication skills
    • - Be agile and innovative
    • - Proven ability to think strategically, to plan and meet deadlines
    • - Willingness to work as a team and get along well with other people
    • - Good command of English both written and spoken
    • - High passion and dedication to human beings, especially vulnerable children and people
    • - Proven experience in sales, fundraising, event planning, public speaking and presentation skills


    • A Bachelor degree or its equivalent in the field of marketing, business management or similar
    • More than 1 year of experience in marketing, fundraising and similar field


    The potential contractor are expected to submit a quotation proposal based on these Terms of Reference.

    The proposal should consist of:

    • - CV that includes the experiences of previous work
    • - Monthly based consultancy service fee based on key deliverables
    • - Supplier Profile Form

    World Vision Mongolia now inviting eligible individuals (Consultants) to indicate their interest in providing the Services. Interested Consultants should provide information demonstrating that they meet the required qualifications and relevant experience to perform the service.

    The detailed Job description can be obtained from the email address procurement_mongolia@wvi.org during office hours Monday-Friday , 8.30 am-5.30 pm.

    The deadline for submission of expression of interest is  14th November 2022 and must be delivered no later that 05.00 pm.

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