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  • Enhancing Civil Society Organisations in Zavkhan province

    Enhancing Civil Society Organisations Contribution to Sustainable Local Economic Development and Growth of Zavkhan Province

    “Enhancing Civil Society Organisations’ contribution to sustainable local economic development and growth of Zavkhan province” project was implemented from 2018 to 2021. The project interventions offered unique opportunities for the local stakeholders from local authorities, civil society organization to local community members to collaborate.

    The project created 80 producer groups with 557 community members and provided extensive holistic trainings that helped the groups to start their businesses with support from the project. 88.7% of survey respondents in the end evaluation results answered that with the production equipment, provided by the project, they were able to launch a new product or expand their businesses.

    During the project implementation period, 36 civil society organizations (CSO) from 12 different soums of Zavkhan province strengthened their capacity, improved the collaboration with local authorities and successfully promoted civic engagement in monitoring local social and economic development performance. Furthermore, the project offered the CSOs a valuable opportunity to conduct trainings, and development related awareness raising activities in target areas. Through such activities local people became more aware of development related funding and raised their voices to the authorities in regards to the priority areas. The end evaluation results showed in 2019 only 29 economic development related requests has been formulated by the community and delivered to the local authorities. Moreover, only 38% of that requests have been resolved, but in the final year of the project 197 requests have been delivered and 80% have been resolved by the authorities.

    The project end evaluation shows there is a high collaboration among local civil society organization and authorities, 92% of the respondents reported that there is an enhanced relationship. The prior result of the baseline survey was at 22.6%. Furthermore, local authorities and civil society organizations have implemented 45 joint projects to promote local businesses. Engagement in the process of developing provincial and local development has been increased radically, 35 civil society organizations together with 13 local authorities has been part of the co-designing process.

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