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  • "From Peers to Friends"- Helping people with disabilities to be integral part of society and not marginalized

    Under the project "G9198-MON: Combating domestic violence against children and women" implemented by the Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs and ADB with funding from the Japan Fund for Prosperous and Resilient Asia and the Pacific, ‘Peer educators and Support Groups’ program for persons with disabilities’ was successfully implemented. Mrs. Enkhtuya is one of the beneficiaries of the program and we are inspired to share her following story. 

    My name is Enkhtuya. I was born in Erdenetsegaan soum of Sukhbaatar province. In 1997-2001, I graduated from the /College of Culture/ Institute of Culture as a librarian and information officer. Since 2001, I have continuously been working in the library for the 22nd year.  

    As for me, I work with visually impaired people and people with other disabilities. Though I’ve never had a chance to get closer to them or to visit their homes before. Through forming the Support group among 5 people with different people with disabilities, I have gained a lot of knowledge about their lifestyle, interests and even needs. I visited their homes with other “Support group” members to help and spend their leisure time effectively.  

    Gradually, through the Support group activities, we have been making friends who openly share our deepest life secrets. Meanwhile, by exchanging our stories and secrets I have a lot to learn from them. I felt like I was just a lazy person compared to them. Every single person has their unique advantages and skills. For instance, Mrs. Munkhzaya, a member of our Support group, is completely blind. Despite the fact, her house is super clean and tidy. Everything is clean and in order there which impressed me. She definitely is a hard-working person and possess skills to sing and dance. While being voluntarily active, she also grows vegetables and plants in her house yard. We’re proud of her always being the role model by making impossible possible.  

    One of Support group members named Batdorj is paralyzed; however, she is an exemplary housewife. She plants and sells vegetables and flowers for additional source of income. She is skilled enough to make various kinds of eco-soaps are made with fatty oils. I should mention that she’s a constant learner that after taking her daughter to school, taking care of vegetables even housework, she comes to the library every day to read various books and sit on the computer to keep up with the technology advancement and the opportunities it provides.  

    Being a member of Support group enabled us to trust each other, volunteer and make friends. Although, there are numerous things to do to empower and strengthen people with disabilities who are remaining to be excluded from opportunities and similar types of activities that we do. They are lacking of possible sources to empower them or to be more engaged in the society. In terms of the fact that people with disabilities should be given information on newly approved laws and specific rights dedicated to them while acquiring the technologies that are still not accessible to them. By becoming a Peer educator myself, I aimed at leveraging them to improve their knowledge and life skills to help them apply it to their everyday lives. That will genuinely help them to be integral part of society and not marginalized.

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