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  • Finance and Admin Officer in Gobi-Altai area program

    2020-11-19 10:00 - 2020-12-03 17:30
    Gobi-Altai Province


    Provide financial services, implement and maintain internal control at the ADP/Project location ensuring that internal and external financial transactions and reporting requirements are met in accordance with World Vision partnership procedures and standards;


    Provide and facilitate the financial services at ADP level

    • Contribute in the preparation of ADP budget and monitor ADP expenses against approved budget and chart of accounts; 
    • Provide accurate cash position of the ADP to Manager for funding request and payment decision.
    • Manage cash disbursement at ADP level.
    • Secure adequate documentation in all financial transactions including preparation and documentation of vouchers of cash disbursements.
    • Verify all vendor contracts are advice ADP management on financial implications.
    • Prepare vouchers and cash disbursement report ensuring appropriate approval.
    • Prepare and review voucher summary and send to NO Finance within deadline.

    Ensure appropriate asset management at the ADP level

    • Keep proper documentation of assets and liabilities at the ADP level.
    • Update the asset register quarterly and annually
    • Ensure that ADP prepares hand over notes/contract duly signed by beneficiaries and that assets handed over to government are registered in state property register.
    • Prepare asset counting final reports and facilitate approval.
    • Review car log books and make petrol calculations and reconcile with petrol statements monthly.

    Administer staff payroll and benefits

    • Prepare payroll based on employee contract with accurate tax/social security and other deductions.
    • Verify staff time sheet and LDR and prepare calculations for sick leave and social security reimbursement for maternity leave and sick leave.
    • Transfer staff first and final salary to banks according to schedule and furnish staff with their pay slip. Update tax and socials security books.
    • Ensure adequate backup for medical reimbursement before payment.
    • Pay tax and social security to the appropriate bank accounts before the deadline

    Financial Reporting

    • Prepare timely monthly and quarterly and submit statutory financial reports in consultation with ADP Manager. Coordinate timely posting of all quarterly financial reports in lotus notes.
    • Provide adequate financial information to the ADP manager & Programme Officers for variance analysis and provide advice on budget management.
    • Prepare and send all monthly aging analysis reports to NO Finance within deadline. Ensure that staff settlement advances are completed on time.
    • Prepare and control repayment folder and reconcile with bank deposit, where the ADP has not closed the revolving loan activities.
    • Prepare quarterly GN reconciliation reports.
    • Prepare tax, VAT, and social security reports and submit before deadline. (monthly, quarterly and yearly)

    Quality Assurance/Risk Management

    • Ensure compliance of financial transactions to financial policies and procedures and follow up audit recommendations.
    • Ensure asset counting is done one a year before April 30.
    • Ensure that all WV assets are covered by insurance, including properties like HDC that has not been handed over.
    • Ensure that the ADP reports all security incidents, including loss, misappropriations and accidents, within 48 hours.
    • Call or visit major vendors to ensure they exist.
    • Visit or call some beneficiaries soon after distribution to ensure they exist and copy report to RFS & RMQC.+
    • Ensure that ADP end of month balance is below 7 day target low.
    • Bank deposits are completed within the same day. No cash is left in the office over weekend, except petty cash.
    • Present payment request, bank transfer order and withdrawal cheque for approval before payments.
    • Ensure security of deposit transfer order and withdrawal of cash from bank (one cheque one CARD/one CARD one pay order)
    • Ensure that staff advances and loans are settled within FFM limit
    • Ensure that supporting documents have a stamp “PAID”
    • Ensure that the ADP assigned staff performs Bank Reconciliation by the 5th of the following month based on the Cash Disbursement Report.
    • Ensure that the balance in the cash disbursement report is reconciled daily with the bank balance in the online statement.
    • Review and update bank signatories regularly ensuring that separating staff who are signatories in WV are removed from bank signatory immediately while new signatories are added as per approval of CD and FD.
    • Keep monthly and yearly system backup and maintain back up files of suns budget transfer ensuring suns passwords are kept confidential.
    • Review all requests in DAX and monitor its processing from the NO.

    Quality assurance

    • Ensure that ADP attains acceptable risk rating on Finance Audit (green) by ensuring that all ADP staff adheres to WV policies.
    • Support the ADP Manager to ensure that all finance audit recommendations are implemented within 180 days of final report.
    • Ensure that ADP prepare project close out planto include fixed assets list and proposed disposal.
    • Ensure that the 30 September cut-off date is adhered to – only goods and services received by September 30 are booked as expenses.
    • Ensure that no transaction is processed without complete documentation and appropriate approval.
    • Report any violation of financial policy to the ADP manager (if this does not involve the ADP manager), to RFS and RMQC.
    • All documents for No purchases are filed according to project and date.
    • Keep and protect soft copies of financial files in computer.  (non finance staff should not use finance officer’s computer and should not know password).
    • Original copies of all documents are attached to relevant vouchers and filed securely under lock and key
    • Verify and ensure that distribution list are complete before filing
    • Verify all documents provided by partners, including CBO, NGO, or government that receive funding from WV.
    • Stamp paid all finance documents. Legal document should be stored separately.
    • Ensure that the confidentiality of all documents/financial information is maintained

    Please apply by sending your CV, Cover Letter, Application Form, Copy of ID and Diplomas to recruitment_mongolia@wvi.org. 

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