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  • Grant Project Coordinator (Bayan-Ulgii province)

    2023-11-02 02:00 - 2023-11-16 17:00

    Location:                                   Bayan-Ulgii

    Full/Part-time:                           Full-Time

    Fixed term/Temporary:               Fixed term

    Deadline for application:             November 16, 2023


    The purpose of the Grant Project Coordinator’s position is to implement daily activities at the field for local community and partners to  strengthen the capacity and knowledge of the target community members in developing an effective risk communication strategy for pandemic prevention and response in accordance with project proposal, donor guidelines through interventions of Mongolia Covid-19 Emergency Response and Health System Preparedness Project, funded by World Bank.

    “OUTREACH ACTIVITIES FOR KAZAKH PEOPLE IN BAYAN-ULGII AND KHOVD AIMAGS” contracted service of the project will be implemented by World Vision Mongolia in Khovd and Bayan-Ulgii provinces intending to create and deploy resources that promote effective community-level communication and trust-building. These resources target improved preparedness for public health crises, like pandemics and infectious diseases, by enhancing risk communication and community engagement among diverse stakeholder, including these needs special assistance. The ultimate objective is to empower informed decision-making and the prompt implementation of effective public health response measures, with a particular emphasis on ethnic groups and hard-to-reach communities in Bayan-Ulgii and Khovd provinces.

    Suitable candidate will be hiring to this position for 6 months starting from 01 November, 2023.



    • Submit monthly basis field operational and budget plan to the project team
    • Conduct detailed implementation of the project at the targeted areas through in accordance with detailed plan and budget effectively and efficiently
    • Improve local community’s awareness and understanding of disaster preparedness, mitigation and management
    • Increase capacity of institutions and households to cope with or prepare for disaster.
    • Organize and conduct workshops and conferences, training, meetings, awareness raising, exposure, learning events and best practice sharing among community and partners using the project approaches to mobilize them.


    • Organize project activity planning & reporting to communities and partners
    • Monitor overall project performance at the community level in accordance with the project detailed implementation plan and budget
    • Conduct effective monitoring at project target areas and deliver monitoring data to project leader and other peers
    • Submit timely based reports with good quality according to donor requirement and compliance
    • Ensures monitoring information is used to improve project performance and made available for technical program reports according to grant agreement and grant regulations
    • Track indicator tracking table & ensure the monitoring & evaluation.
    • Monitor implementation team to ensure they implement and administer grants according to grant agreement and grant regulations.
    • Lead effective monitoring at project target areas and collates & provide monitoring data to project team.


    • Coordinate with local level all relevant agencies and authorities to introduce and implement project activities
    • Identify new partners within and outside the community and identifies how these partners can work together towards shared priorities for the project effectiveness
    • Build and maintain effective working relationships with key stakeholders including local government officials, community leaders and department/units to enhance program team effectiveness.
    • Ensure project priorities and approaches are aligned with community, partners & donor’s requirement and standards
    • Coordinate donors & partners visits in the project fields
    • Conduct regular information sharing with partners on project implementation and document best practices


    • Contribute to the common goal and aspirations of the WVI Mongolia, be servant leader to the team
    • Provide guidance, direction and technical support to the project staffs to deliver quality implementation
    • Ensures staff and partners understand WV safeguarding & anti-corruption policies
    • Ensures project supports awareness raising for prevention and reporting of child protection incidents occurs across the project area
    • Build capacity of the staff to improve their efficiency and output.
    • Conduct regular team with giving feedback and receiving feedback 
    • Conduct frequent conversations with an emphasis on-the-job coaching, constant constructive feedback   to support their performance and development, and ensure WV’s performance management processes are followed.
    • Ensure staff well-being and security is supported and promoted
    • Perform other tasks as assigned by the and supervisors.


    Minimum education, training, and experience requirements to qualify for the position

    • A Bachelor and higher-level education in any field of social science, business administration
    • Two or more years of experience in working in local and international projects
    • Highly proficient in both written and spoken in Mongolian
    • Experience of working in urban or rural areas will be advantage
    • Understands the context of rural emergency situation
    • Good communication, persuasive writing, editing and presentation skills
    • Good organization skills and team building
    • Good coordination and time management skills
    • Experience working with remote teams preferred

    Please send the below documents to recruitment_mongolia@wvi.org

    • CV
    • Cover Letter
    • Application Form

    Address: 4th floor, Somang Plaza Building, 13 khoroolol, 15th khoroo, Bayanzurkh District.  

    Phone: 70155323 – 124, 125 and 128    

    Note: Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for further process.                       

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