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  • Innovating SMEs: Supporting Mongolian local textile production development by enabling modern equipment

    Small business owners have received the equipment needed to develop their textile enterprise.   

    At the beginning of September, World Vision International Mongolia signed a MoU with the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO), a Korean government agency, the Korean Invention Promotion Association (KIPA), and the Mongolian Pattern Artists Association (MPAA) on a project to develop appropriate equipment and related branding strategy in supporting Mongolian local textile production development.  

    Embroidery and sewing machines along with related technology training provided by main funder KIPO and KIPA will enable MPAA to develop more wool and leather products in the market and multiply reach out to the community members. Thanks to the coordination of World Vision Korea, the equipment has safely arrived at the office of MPAA to start fresh new products. 

    Mr. Battulga. Ya, the owner of MPAA says:
    We used to make our wool and leather products by hand. Now, we are so thankful because of this project, we have more capacity to innovate new products, save time, and increase the variety of products in the market. 

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