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  • CSO network in Zavkhan province signed a long-term partnership agreement with the provincial Governor's Office

    Uliastai city, Zavkhan aimag: The European Union funded project “Enhancing the Civil Society Organizations’ contribution to sustainable local economic development and growth of Zavkhan province” has been successfully implemented by the World Vision Mongolia since 2018 in partnership with the Zavhan Governor’s Office and the aimag’s CSOs. The main goal of the project is to support inclusive, equitable and sustainable economic development by increasing cooperation between Local Authority and provincial CSOs. 

    Back in 2018, in order to build the capacity of CSOs and to increase the participation and representation of citizens in the local development process, initially 25 CSO’s partnering with the project have joined forces and established the “Together for Development” network, which is chaired by its Coordinating Body. 

    In April, 2021, Uliastai soum Zavkhan province, Mr. Tuvshinjargal.D, Governor of Zavkhan province, and Mrs.Altan-Ulzii.R, Head of the Coordinating Body of CSO Network, signed a long-term partnership agreement that will ensure the sustainable cooperation between CSOs and the local authority in the further years, even after the project is ended.  The event was also attended by the Vice Governor, Head of Departments, project staff and the members from 25 CSOs. During the event, CSOs and the local authority shared their strategy and plans and discussed on possible collaborative areas.

    Mr. Tuvshinjargal.D, Governor of Zavkhan province, highlighted that “Today’s event enables the contribution of CSOs towards improving quality and access to government services, and to ensure community participation in the planning, implementation and monitoring processes of provincial strategy and annual development planMoreover, the implementation of some government functions in cooperation with CSOs will increase their contribution to the socio-economic development of the province”.

    Under the project framework, the capacity of CSOs have been strengthened by involving in a variety of activities including trainings, joint planning, community outreach, monitoring and evaluation in the community. Furthermore, the project's main approaches, such as the Local Value Chain Development, the Citizens Voice and Action, and the Saving Group, are being effectively implemented in collaboration with local authorities and CSOs which contributes much to the local economic development and diversification of household incomes.

    The CSO members have also been actively engaging in the provincial development policies and plans, and representing the citizens in the tender evaluation committee, Small and Medium Enterprise fund, livelihood support council to monitor its implementation. Within the frame of the project outcome to improve local economic development capacity and diversify household incomes, local CSO’s network and Zavkhan Governor’s Office have been successfully implementing the Local Value Chain Development plan.

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