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  • Local herders are participating in training on responsible use of animal medicine

    In collaboration with the General Authority of Veterinary Service, Provincial Governor offices, and various affiliated local government agencies, we are organizing a comprehensive capacity-building program for herders across the 18 soums within our targeted provinces for the Climate Resilient Communities project with support from the USAID. This extensive training initiative spans a duration of three months, commencing in June and culminating in September. 

    The primary objective of these training sessions is to impart crucial knowledge to herders, covering topics such as responsible utilization of animal medicine, the legislative framework surrounding livestock and animal health, and the various types of animal diseases, with a particular emphasis on livestock parasites, a prominent contributor to disease incidence and production loss among livestock. These training sessions are conducted under the guidance of experienced veterinarians operating in their local regions. 

    Moreover, throughout the course of these training sessions, herders will acquire a well-rounded understanding encompassing both theoretical and practical skills related to the cultivation of animal fodder. 

    As of August 31, 2023, approximately 2,600 herders have actively participated in this capacity-building program, reflecting a significant engagement and commitment from the local herding community. 

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