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  • Lorinet Foundation has provided timely support to those in need: Against Hidden Impact of Covid-19.

    Lorinet Foundation has provided timely support to those in need:
    Against Hidden Impact of Covid-19.

     “World Vision is deeply concerned that the long-term impacts of COVID-19 could permanently scar the development of a generation of the world's most vulnerable children.There must be no more stolen childhoods, as girls and boys across the world continue to face the devastating aftershocks of COVID-19,” said Andrew Morley, President of World Vision.

    A year ago, we launched the largest emergency response in our history. We called on governments, individuals, and corporations to prioritise children and urgently respond to the devastation this pandemic has already caused. In response to our call, many have joined hands and resources to support 242,000 children and their families through preventive measures, education, child protection, food security, livelihood and un-conditional, multi-purpose cash support.

    World Vision Mongolia’s strategic partner, Lorinet Foundation, continuously provided much needed support to those in need during the emerging time of Covid-19 through direct support of food, hygiene and school package.

    This time, Lorinet Foundation generously accepted our ask to support families who lost their income and we have launched the project to provide un-conditional, multi-purpose cash support to 1000 families with the funding from Lorinet Foundation. With this timely support, 1000 families would be able to provide for their children where in the long-term it prevents potential risk of children’s malnutrition and some serious health problems.

    Since March of 2020, World Vision Mongolia has provided unconditional, multi-purpose cash assistance to 29,500 families to help them cope with the pandemic and based on the assessment conducted 80.8% of the families who received unconditional, multi-purpose cash support reported that they have purchased meat products.

    Recent study done by Save the Children proves that the unconditional, multi-purpose cash support is a timely and much needed support as the findings indicate that the hidden impact of the Covid-19 have led families loss of income. According to the research, 82% of the urban respondents had lost income which led them to reduce back on food and meals. Based on the assessment conducted by World Vision Mongolia, 70% of respondents highlighted to reduce food portion and number of meals to cope with pandemic.

    The beneficiaries of the un-conditional, multi-purpose cash support project funded by Lorinet Foundation were selected carefully through the vulnerability criteria where 74.7% of the beneficiary families has children under five years old, 22.1% has pregnant or nursing mothers and 34.7% has family member who is above 60 years old.


    Unlike food distribution, unconditional, multi-purpose cash support prevents risk of potential virus spread and it has significant advantage that allows the beneficiaries to purchase what they need the most.

    World Vision is responsive to disaster and we are on the ground, quickly providing immediate support. During Covid-19 pandemic, such support was possible because of the corporate effort of our partners and we will stay helping to rebuild lives for children, families, and communities.

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