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  • Making Strides in Carbon Reduction with World Vision Mongolia

    In our collaborative endeavor with Help Logistic LTD at the regional level, the Humanitarian Emergency Affairs (HEA) department of the EASO region initiated a request for pro bono assistance in the field of humanitarian carbon accounting in WV International Mongolia. 

    This request was dispatched to the field office towards the end of March and was promptly embraced by the national director, signifying the commencement of our partnership. As an integral part of this collaboration, an intern from Help Logistic was dispatched to Mongolia in June with the specific task of evaluating the carbon accounting for WV Mongolia's data pertaining to FY22. The intern diligently collaborated with each department within the national office, dedicating their efforts until the culmination of August. Upon the successful conclusion of the intern's dedicated efforts, Help Logistic LTD delivered a presentation on the outcomes of the humanitarian carbon accounting to the WV International Mongolia staff towards the end of August. This presentation coincided with the visit of the regional director and a specialist from Help Logistic to Mongolia. 

    The findings from this analysis unveiled that the primary contributors to the carbon footprint encompassed a range of aspects, including goods and services. This encompassed financial support, in-kind donations, hotel accommodations, humanitarian products, and the procurement of goods and services. It is noteworthy that the analytical tool utilized for this assessment was an Excel-based solution developed through collaboration between ICRC, Ecoact, and Atos Company.

    Please read an article by HELP Logistics sharing their experiences and findings collaborating with us HERE.

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