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  • Market Facilitator at Local Program and Grants Unit

    2020-07-08 11:00 - 2020-07-22 17:30
    Ulaanbatar, Mongolia


    To provide guidance, mentorship and direction to civil society organizations and producer groups within the project area to increase their incomes by assisting producers to meet buyers’ requirements and gain access to more lucrative and sustainable markets. Key duties will include; working with producers to understand the opportunities for local production and marketing, conducting participatory value chain analysis, identifying key market players, opportunities and constraints, formulating innovative market hypothetical’s, generating real market orders and coaching/mentoring of producers in producer groups.



    - Lead the Situation Analysis of Local Producers and Market Opportunities exercise through meeting with local economic stakeholders, identification of products, quality and quantity from local producers, identification of key market players & market opportunities and constraints and documenting and report market assessment findings.

    - Facilitate formation of producer groups and conduct training and to build capacity in the ADP focusing on training producer groups in key skills such as group management, financial literacy, basic market, innovation, Natural Resources Management, production skills as well as conducting ongoing training of producers in selected technical areas, basing on the needs.

    - Take lead in carrying participatory Value Chain Analysis with producers in order to improve producers access to markets and/or income and prepare report for sharing with producers and stakeholders in the ADP/cluster

    - Link suppliers with buyers by working with producer groups to facilitate the direct contact, placement and supply of orders between buyers and producers

    - Travel to potential markets and identify actual potential for definite orders, understand buyers quantity, quality, packaging, logistical and timing requirements, gain tentative agreements to supply and research potential challenges to meeting buyers requirements and identify practical solutions


    - Planning and Implementing Interventions through facilitate producers in developing implementing intervention plans following the participatory value chain analysis and also facilitate Value Chain Stakeholder Network with local economic stakeholders to plan and implement chain-wide interventions

    - Collect and record initial baseline data in an organized fashion to enable evaluation of project impacts, conduct appraisals of impacts against baseline data for chosen market initiatives, record networks and contacts in a way that can be readily backed up, transferred and accessed.

    - Provide mentoring and coaching to producers and producer groups to build local capacity for understanding and connecting with markets

    - Ensure Donor visibility plan is developed and implemented in line with donor requirements

    - High contribution to project reporting is developed to a high quality standard and is engaging for donor audiences

    - Supports, as required, to develop the grant project proposal & design


      - Identifies new partners within and outside the community and identifies how these partners can work together towards shared priorities for improving households’ livelihood

      - Creates and maintains effective working relationships with the Integrated Programming, and all sectors and department/units to enhance project team effectiveness.

      - Builds and maintains relationships with other Non-Government organizations, Civil Society Organizations, local government officials, and community leaders

      - Ensures project priorities and approaches are aligned with community, partners & donor’s requirement and standards

      - Involves donors & partners in key events/ milestones of the project

      4.  GENERAL

      - Contribute to the common goal and aspirations of the WVI Mongolia, be active member of the team

      - Attends devotions and weekly chapel services and support spiritual development of his/her team.

      - Ensures staff and partners understand WV safeguarding & anti-corruption policies

      - Ensures project supports awareness raising for prevention and reporting of child protection incidents occurs across the project area

      - Perform any other tasks assigned by Project lead and Grant manager


      • Bachelor degree in Business, Economics, Commerce or related fields from recognized or accredited University with at least 1 year working experience in related field.
      • Strong understanding of the ‘Making Markets Work for the Poor’ (M4P) approach
      • Experienced facilitator
      • Knowledge of primary production and agriculture
      • Understanding of market development projects and methods
      • Strong facilitation skills
      • Proven operational planning skills
      • Ability to maintain effective working relationships with all levels of staff and donor
      • Ability to work unsupervised and on their own steam
      • Strong training, coaching and editing/writing skills
      • Has the ability to analyze, problem solve, persuade, network and negotiate
      • Proven capacity to organize complex operations
      • Able to work with various cultures and environments
      • Familiarity with the principles and the practice of the value chain development
      • Experience in working with community based organizations/experience with previous development projects


      • Demonstrated experience in market assessment, market analysis, market research or closely related role such as in simple data analysis.

      License, registration, or certification required to perform this position:

      • Excellent command of English both written and spoken.
      • Excellent written and verbal skills, with strong technical skills in writing, interviewing

      Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

      • Strong understanding of commercial market operations and systems
      • Strong knowledge of value chain development and effects on poor producers
      • Strong interpersonal, networking and organizational skills Excellent interpersonal, cross-cultural and communication skills.
      • High passion and dedication to human beings, especially vulnerable people.
      • Willingness to work as a team and get along well with other people.
      • Strong organizational and management skills, with a proven track record of managing a team
      • Strong problem solving, interpersonal and communication skills
      • Ability to demonstrate servant leadership and foster a team oriented atmosphere
      • Integrity, honesty, and accountability to both the team and the community
      • Able to make quick decisions as needed
      • Understanding of and commitment to World Vision Core Values
      • Proven experience in crisis/risk communication
      • Proven experience in writing project proposals
      • Proven commitment to Christian values

      Work Environment

      Complete Travel and/or Work Environment statements if applicable.

      • The position requires ability and willingness to travel domestically up to 40% of the time to rural areas and project fields

      Send following materials to recruitment_mongolia@wvi.org 

      - Application Form

      - CV

      - Cover Letter

      - Copy of National ID 

      - Copy of Dipomas

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