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  • National Resource Development Director

    2022-09-06 08:30 - 2022-09-27 17:30

    Job title:   National Resource Development Director

    Location:   National Office, Ulaanbaatar

    Full/Part time:   Full-Time

    Fixed term/Temporary:   Open-ended contract

    Deadline for application:    September 27, 2022


    The purpose of the position is to provide strategic leadership and management for the National Resource Development team and manage local programs in effective and efficient ways.

    To develop and lead the implementation of resource development strategy, maintain an overview of resource development opportunities and issues, and provide strategic direction for NO to pursue non-traditional funding sources, identifying emerging or untapped high potential donors. Furthermore, to provide direction and resources that enable the Partnership to effectively engage with its various publics to position World Vision as a leading organization in transformational development, ensure accountability to supporters, partners, and communities, and contribute to WVs advocacy efforts, while protecting and promoting World Vision’s reputation.


    National Resource Strategy and Development of strategic partners 

    • Provide leadership and management to the NRD department, including reputation risk management.
    • Develop and lead the implementation of a resource development strategy.
    • Maintain an overview of resource development opportunities and issues.
    • Provide strategic direction for NOs to pursue non-traditional funding sources, identifying emerging or untapped high potential donors and fundraising products.
    •  Lead and participate in strategic regional donor meetings with foundations, corporations, high-net value individuals, sponsors, and others.
    • Lead and manage organization reputation management through robust and effective communications and public relations functions both internally and externally
    • Meet with donors to clarify proposal requirements
    • Conduct capacity building for WVIM teams/APs so that they have a clear understanding of local fundraising

    Communication and Marketing 

    • Identify key relationships to strengthen national and regional positioning and elevate WV’s profile with peer agencies, government, foundations, multilateral, private sector, and donors.
    • Design and develop a marketing plan/ fund-raising plan for WV Mongolia, implement it competently, facilitate its development, and deliver on the approved goals
    • Initiate and conduct marketing strategies, surveys & promotions and execute internal/ external communications
    • Take charge of creating and planning innovative events and initiate an action plan to approach new donors and companies to get them involved in the WVM ministry
    • Lead, manage and organize direct campaigns to raise funds for WVM, and coordinate efforts to raise funds from embassies and consulates
    • Development of capacity statements to be utilized during prepositioning meetings with donors.
    • Circulate funding forecasts.
    • Lead and manage a team focused on bringing a long-term growth of resources and funds, and ensure high satisfaction of donors to gain their loyalty
    • Research, analyze, develop, and track relationships with new and current donors.

    Manage local programs

    • Advise, approve and evaluate Local Programs budgets, operations funding, expenditures, and accomplishment of ministry objectives in financially sustainable ways
    • Ensure Quality and effectiveness standards including operational, sponsorship, financial, and audit minimum standards, and identify risks and risk mitigation plans for Local programs in innovative and efficient manners
    • Manage and ensure that Local programs’ interventions have a strong evidence base and that all activities are in line with partnership and humanitarian industry global standards (e.g. LEAP, Technical Programs, Core Project Models, ITAW campaign, etc.).
    • Ensuring client satisfaction by providing timely, quality, and accountable technical services to programs.
    • Ensure that frontline staff has sufficient support and a sound understanding of the program logic related to WVIM strategic objectives.
    • Maintain a good understanding of poverty and development in Mongolia; strengthen the team to seek emerging successes, learn of best practices, and innovative examples, and build relationships to reinforce World Vision’s vision, mission, and core values.
    • Assure proper integration and team synergy between Integrated Programs teams, sector specialists/advisors, Area programs in the same provinces and districts, and other functions.
    • Communicate and share data and information with the Senior Leadership team and other teams, so that data can be used to show best practices to others. Contribute to advocacy campaigns and other public engagement activities.

    Reputation Management and Influence

    • Proactively monitor and manage any reputation risk issues by working closely with other departments and Partnership leaders.
    • Represent WVIM as spokesperson as required.
    • Clarify, prioritize and service key response, Partnership/SO/NO fundraising objectives and expectations via regular interfacing with Partnership marketing reps (via conference calls, emails, etc.); support grant management and corporate partnership goals; help generate dollar handles and marketing packages based on program funding requirements.
    • Manage and work closely with the communications team for optimal coordination and production of resources.
    • Develops marketing communication tools that include supporting customer services, print, advertising, PR, Branding, and media relations to more effectively communicate with our sponsors, channel partners, and donors.
    • Work in tandem with Advocacy and other technical colleagues to help ensure solid and timely advocacy messaging for media, public awareness, and internal Partnership advocacy objectives.
    • Co-ordinate visits by WV leaders and delegations, including required approvals, scheduling, photo opportunities, media interviews, coordination with SO media teams, video production and messaging, etc.

    Leadership and Staff management

    • Participate in SLT meetings to represent the NRD team
    • Adhere to WVI key policy documents – mission, core values, and covenant of partnership.
    • Provide guidance, direction, and technical support to staff to deliver quality performance
    • Build technical capacity of NRD teams in key areas of funding acquisition and engagement
    • Attend daily devotions and weekly chapels, support team professionally and spiritually
    • In collaboration with P&C ensure there is a capacity development plan for staff.
    • Conducts frequent conversations with an emphasis on on-the-job coaching, constant constructive feedback to support their performance and development, and ensures WV’s performance management processes are followed.
    • Ensures staff well-being and security are supported and promoted
    • Identify capacity gaps at NOs in funding acquisition and management and other factors leading to poor win rates and projects implementation and work to address them
    • Lead team planning, ensuring efficient and effective use of staff time and talent.
    • Participate in the relevant National, Regional, and Partnership capacity building initiatives as required

    Financial accountability

    • Ensure activities expenditures are according to LOA
    • Monitor the monthly expenditure in order to take timely actions and rectifications if necessary
    • Ensure all the expenses are within the approved budget line
    • Ensure all financial records and documents are in order in accordance with planning or MOU

    Other responsibilities

    • Attend capacity building programs (online, classroom, etc.) related to performing the job at a satisfactory level and devotional meeting
    • Other duties as assigned or required by National Director


    Minimum education, training, and experience requirements to qualify for the position

    • Bachelor’s degree or more in a field related to marketing; business administration; communication; government relations; or related field.
    • 3-5 years of research, project management, marketing, fund-raising, and external engagement in the development organization.
    • Strong organization and delegation abilities; high performance and quality standards; negotiation skills; ability to motivate teams and inspire teamwork.
    • High level of diplomacy skills with a strong focus on networking, meetings, and relationship building with partner NGOs, local agencies, multilateral organizations, and donors.
    • Good knowledge and understanding of key aspects of development work; including health, education, Resilience and Livelihoods, cross-cutting themes (e.g. gender, child protection, environment, disability), and integration of advocacy and disaster management in development programming.
    • Demonstrated leadership skills including coaching/mentoring. Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to facilitate and empower self-directed autonomous teams.
    • Knowledge of donor requirements and funding sources such as USAID, OFDA, DFAT, MFAT, ADB, EU, and other bilateral and multilateral donors, and ability to write good proposals and project design. High level of negotiation and persuasion skills in seeking funding commitments and gaining design approval from donors.
    • Ability to engage at a strategic level with bilateral and multilateral donors, and INGO.
    • Conceptual understanding of and commitment to development work, especially Christian, child-focused, community-based development concepts, approaches, and processes.
    • Able to solve complex problems and exercise independent judgment.
    • Able to work in a cross-cultural environment with a multi-national staff.
    • Experienced networker with an ability to maintain a good up-to-date knowledge of grant opportunities and trends in the humanitarian sector.
    • Strong budgetary and financial management skills.
    • Strong understanding of systems designs and implementation protocols.

    Please send the below documents to recruitment_mongolia@wvi.org

    • Resume
    • Cover Letter
    • Application From
    • Copy of Diploma(s)
    • Copy of ID card

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