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  • People & Culture Lead

    2023-10-31 12:00 - 2023-11-10 14:00
    Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

    Location:                                    National Office

    Full/Part-time:                            Full-Time

    Fixed term/Temporary:                Fixed term

    Deadline for application:              November 10, 2023 at 2 PM


    Provide strategic leadership in People and Culture department to maximize organizational performance, develop and sustain the desired culture and ensure alignment of WVM P&C strategy, policies, systems and priorities to WV Global P&C strategy, policies, systems and priorities in support of WV Mongolia’s strategic priorities. 



    1. a. Lead WVM's P&C function in developing a vibrant and empowering culture that supports and enables the execution of the field office strategy along with World Vision’s strategy and achieve the child well-being aspirations and outcomes
    2. b. Champion effectiveness & efficiency of WVM’s P&C function through continuous development of high-quality services and processes to support leadership development and talent agenda
    3. c. Lead and promote compliance to applicable (local) employment regulations, immigration and labor laws as well as WV policies and guidelines
    4. d. Demonstrate vibrant and mature Christian spiritual leadership through all People and Culture (P&C) related processes, practices and tools integrate, where applicable, and be guided by relevant competencies regarding WV’s Mission, Vision and Core Values.


    1. a. Provide direction and guidance in all areas of P&C such as Recruitment, Workforce Planning, Change & Organizational Development, Total Rewards, Employee Relations, Staff Care, Performance Management, Talent Development & Management, Retention, Succession Planning, among others
    2. b. Provide objective input and contribution in the development of effective field office P&C Standards, Policies and Procedures
    3. c. Work with WVM and regional stakeholders to ensure HR system (WorkDay) is optimized and P&C processes, policies and protocols are comprehended, followed and upheld in each office to meet/advance P&C standards
    4. d. Work with the ND, SLT and regional P&C network to identify, develop and nurture a robust talent bench of future leaders for succession planning.


    1. a. Lead the assessment, development and implementation of an integrated regional capacity building plan based on P&C priorities and strategy
    2. b. Provide leadership to WVM's capacity building (leaning & development) projects and initiatives in alignment with the national strategy and Global/Regional P&C priorities
    3. c. In partnership with key stakeholders, ensure gap analysis from Talent Management point of view and provide direction to improve the quality of talent pipeline


    1. a. Inspire continuous learning and improvement in P&C practices, systems and tools that will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness the organization
    2. b. Lead and encourage mutual learning within WVM through formal and informal setting such as sharing of best practices and lesson learnt, community of practice and center of excellence
    3. c. Promote the use of external and internal platform (WorkDay & wvcentral) and other off-the-shelf learning materials to develop and contextualize learning materials and content


    1. a. Provide direction to WVM to ensure P&C compliance with WVI Partnership standards, policies and procedures. Advises the ND & SLT in addressing gaps/issues related to HR practices
    2. b. Active role in providing direction to ND & SLT in preventing and mitigating risk related to employment / labor laws
    3. c. Ensure effective implementation of Integrated Incident Management (IIM) and Employee Relations systems to manage incidents and follow through action plans & management decision


    1. a. Act as strategic P&C link for the field office to internal stakeholders –-  Asia Pacific P&C Community, Regional Office P&C
    2. b. Develop and expand external networks and linkages with other International Non-governmental Organizations, Partners, P&C consulting groups, among others for collaboration, benchmarking and employer branding
    3. c. Represent the WVM on internal and external HR forums


    Minimum education, training, and experience requirements to qualify for the position

    • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, HR management or any related undergraduate degree
    • Minimum of 3-4 years’ experience in P&C / HR management
    • At least 2-3 years’ experience in management
    • Graduate degree in Leadership studies, MBA or any related graduate degree
    • Competent in the use of Microsoft Office computer programs including Word, Excel and Power Point.
    • Understand WV vision, mission, policies, core documents and ethos
    • Understand application of local statutory laws as it relates to local policies
    • Proven leadership, management, collaborative and organizational skills
    • In-dept knowledge of P&C processes such as recruitment & section, performance management, compensation and benefit, employee relation, organization development and capacity building.
    • Demonstrated ability to innovate, analyse and solve complex issue and create solutions

    Please send the below documents to recruitment_mongolia@wvi.org

    • CV
    • Cover Letter
    • Application Form

    Address: 4th floor, Somang Plaza Building, 13 khoroolol, 15th khoroo, Bayanzurkh District.  

    Phone: 70155323 – 124, 125 and 128    

    Note: Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for further process.                       

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