Европын Холбооны санхүүжилттэй төслүүдийн үр дүнг танилцуулах арга хэмжээ зохион байгуулагдлаа
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  • Searching for evidence that gender-based violence (GBV) experiences an upsurge in rural areas

    As a result of dzud, significant protection risks due to the heightened stress of losing livelihoods, shortage of goods and supplies, and restricted movements are elevated, disproportionately affecting vulnerable women and girls.   

    Within the framework of the Mongolia Dzud Emergency Response (MONDER) project, World Vision International Mongolia has undertaken the task of addressing gender-based violence (GBV) among the project's target demographic, which comprises individuals severely affected by the Dzud disaster. The primary objective of this rapid assessment is to scrutinize and evaluate protection-related concerns, pinpoint gaps in the provision of protection services for affected families, ascertain the needs of target households, and identify potential protection issues. The uniqueness of this rapid assessment lies in the importance of learning more about the gender-based violence among Mongolian nomadic households, yet it becomes one of the latest data-driven assessments regarding the issue within the country. 

    The MONDER project has extended its coverage to encompass 3,665 households, comprising over 15,000 individuals. It has distributed animal fodder and one-time multi-purpose cash assistance. 

    Additionally, the project has furnished dignity kits to 1,000 women and girls. These kits include sanitary products, toiletries, and clothing items like socks and underwear, meticulously curated to address the specific needs of women and girls. This endeavor aims to assist them in maintaining a certain level of hygiene, well-being, and dignity amid challenging conditions. The project operates across 38 soums spanning seven provinces, namely Bayan-Ulgii, Khovd, Uvs, Gobi-Altai, Zavkhan, Khentii, and Khuvsgul province.

    The MONDER project is supported by the Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance (BHA) of the USAID and World Vision International Mongolia has started implementing the project in the beginning of May 2023. 

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