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  • Supporting local communities through the Climate Resilient Communities project

    Fully equipped online conference rooms of the provincial emergency agency departments to enhance access to information of climate resiliency

    In an effort to enhance education on disaster prevention, preparedness, management, and risk reduction for residents in the provinces of Dornogovi and Dundgovi, as well as Ulaanbaatar city, the Climate Resilient Communities project, funded by the USAID's Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance, has provided necessary communication equipment and office set to the Provincial National Emergency Management Departments and the National Emergency Management Agency.

     The total value of the equipment and necessary office set were amounted to 140 million Mongolian tugriks.

    These online conference rooms are accessible not only to citizens but also to local organizations and enterprises, providing technical support on disaster management and related resources. The launch of these online conference rooms took place in the respective provinces, attended by officials from the Provincial Governors' Offices and Provincial Emergency Management Departments.

    The volunteer firefighting groups in three soums of Dornod province have received complex firefighting equipment

    In Choibalsan soum, the local firefighting volunteer group was provided with firefighting clothing and protection equipment. As part of the "Climate Resilient Communities" project, capacity building training for firefighters was organized in Bayandun, Choibalsan, and Khalkhgol soums of Dornod province.

    During their training and field practice, 15 members of the local firefighting volunteer group in Choibalsan soum were equipped with firefighting clothing and protection gear. Local representatives, including the Deputy Governor of Dornod province and the Head of the PSC, attended the firefighting training and met with the volunteer group in Choibalsan soum.

    Other projects implemented under the World Vision Program