Европын Холбооны санхүүжилттэй төслүүдийн үр дүнг танилцуулах арга хэмжээ зохион байгуулагдлаа
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  • Supporting local veterinary service departments and the Emergency Management Agency of Uvs province by providing necessary equipment

    In regard to the Climate Resilient Communities project, to promote the stability of the local Veterinary Service Departments, we have provided 7 different kinds of veterinary equipment in 13 soums of Uvs, Govi-Altai, Dornod, Dornogovi, and Dundgovi provinces. The equipment list ranges from veterinary laboratory microscopes, a PH tester for meat, a calving pen, a dairy dung cleaning pump, and a vet surgical instrument. The equipment packages were delivered to the target provinces throughout September. 

    In the upcoming year, within the project activities, we aim to provide more equipment such as a portable vaccine refrigerator and more. 

    Donated water rescue equipment and rescue suits to Uvs province

    As part of the Climate Resilient Communities project funded by the USAID-BHA, the Emergency Management Agency of Uvs province received the donation of water rescue equipment and clothing to improve the capacity of rescue during the lake and river floods of the local Emergency department in mid-September. The equipment will be used during the flooding and other risks near the Khyargas Lake area. The equipment includes 2 open lifeboats, 2 pieces of rescue dry suits, 2 pieces of rescue wet suits and dive suits, and other equipment which cost 60,650,000MNT in total. 

    At World Vision International Mongolia, we are currently executing the "Climate Resilient Communities" project across five provinces and twelve khoroos in Ulaanbaatar. This crucial endeavor is made possible through funding provided by the USAID's Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance.  

    Other projects implemented under the World Vision Program