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  • Trafigura employees join hands with World Vision Mongolia to reduce COVID-19 impact on vulnerable families.

    Trafigura employees join hands with World Vision Mongolia to reduce COVID-19 impact on vulnerable families.

    The number of those in extreme poverty is increasing for first time in 22 years. The World Bank predicted that COVID-19 will add as many as 150 million extreme poor in 2021, with children counting for half of them. This could wipe out the progress and efforts in poverty and disease reduction achieved in the last 20 years.

    Based on a Rapid Assessment conducted by World Vision, household income levels have deteriorated significantly in Mongolia. As a primary coping mechanism, families with a difficult financial situation have cut medical costs and reduced the quality and quantity of their daily meals. Others have been forced to enter into a debt cycle in order to make ends meet.

    In this time of emergency, Trafigura Foundation and Trafigura’s employees generously donated MNT 114 million (USD 40,000) to World Vision Mongolia’s campaign against Coivd-19. This contribution will be dedicated to support 1,026 households of Ulaanbaatar residing in Bayanzurkh, Songinokhairkhan, Chingeltei, Khan-Uul districts.

    The donation will be distributed to vulnerable families in the form of cash support to address food insecurity, and facilitate alternative livelihoods for Mongolian households who have lost their sources of income during the pandemic.

    The timely support of multi-purpose cash support allows the beneficiaries to purchase what they need the most. The response prioritizes the most vulnerable, especially families with children, people with disability, pregnant women, senior citizens, and families who have lost their jobs and source of revenue.

    WVM with the help of partner organizations, will continue to support vulnerable families and children to overcome these difficult times. During Covid-19 pandemic, such support was possible because of the corporate effort of our partners and we will stay helping to rebuild lives for children, families, and communities.

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