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  • Training on Victim Identification of Trafficking in Person

    “Victim Identification of Trafficking in Person” training was conducted in terms of the Child Protection Compact Partnership project funded by the United State Department of State’s Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Person (TIP) according to the Child Protection Compact Partnership agreement signed between the United States of America and Mongolia in 2020.

    The training was conducted for midwives from hospitals in Ulaanbaatar and other provinces in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Secretariat of Coordinating Council for Crime Prevention, World Vision International Mongolia, and Mongolian Gender Equality Center NGO.

    As a result of the training, midwives learned to refer victims to appropriate services after identifying them during their medical checks or support. And they were introduced to the relevant policies and standards of psychological rehabilitation and clinical service delivery to the victims.

    Altangerel N, a midwife at Bayanzurkh district’s hospital, expressed her perspective “ .. After attending training, I realized I had a wrong view on victims of Trafficking in person and prostitution. I feel empathy and sorry for how much suffering victims experience. Trafficking in person has several steps, and people become victims by deceiving and getting stuck in difficult situations. During the training, I was thinking about how to protect people from becoming victims. Since doctors can suggest and warn youth and women to be protected from this kind of crime, I plan to share my knowledge with colleagues in August.

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